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24 September 2022: Mulligans Flat Echidna Sweep

The ‘Echidna Sweep’ is run yearly within the fenced area of Mulligans. It’s a capture-mark-recapture type survey to get a population estimate of the echidnas within the reserve.

Mulligans Flat is a predator-free reserve located in Canberra’s north. It protects a critically endangered box-gum grassy woodland ecological community where locally extinct species have been reintroduced. It is assumed that without the presence of foxes in the landscape, the echidnas have a higher survival rate than outside the sanctuary. Woodlands and Wetlands Trust monitor the population every year to understand if their population increases dramatically over time, or if it remains stable.

The 485ha sanctuary is split up into 6 sections, with a team of volunteers assigned to each one. The volunteers walk in a line throughout their section and mark any echidna they come across. These numbers are then used to statistically analyse how the population is going. Previous estimates suggest there are around 50 echidnas within Mulligans.


Saturday 24 September 

9am to approx. 3pm (usually finishes earlier)


Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary 


Lots of walking (about 10kms) over relatively flat ground.


If you are interested, fill out a new application here:

If you are already a Mulligans volunteer you can sign up to the echidna sweep here:  

Not recommended for small children.

Let’s go find some echidnas!