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AGAINST – Amendment to Climate Change Bill 2022

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts moved the following amendment to the legislation:

add ", but the Senate: (a) notes that: (i) increased carbon dioxide is associated with increased quality of life for humans, plants and animals and reducing carbon dioxide will do harm to everyday Australians, (ii) the relationship between carbon dioxide output from human activity and temperature change has been disproven by scientific analysis and empirical observation, (iii) there is no mechanism to calculate temperature outcomes from reductions in human carbon dioxide output thus negating the reason for this bill, and (iv) this bill does not require consideration of the economic, social or health outcomes from policies that will be implemented under this legislation; and (b) calls on the Government to address the preceding matters in future legislation or policy". 

The motion was voted down with 45 against and 3 in favour. 

Senator Pocock voted NO.