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AGAINST – Bills — Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee Bill 2023; Second Reading

David Pocock

by leave—President, could you note my support for 2304.

Sue Lines

Yes. The question now is that the amendment on sheet 2163 be agreed to.

Australian Greens' circulated amendment—

(1) Clause 14, page 10 (after line 6), after subclause (2), insert:

(2A) If a member of the Committee is a person who has direct contemporary experience of living with a low income and economic exclusion, that member is to be paid allowances appropriate to the circumstances of the member and having regard to the time and expertise the member contributes to the work of the Committee, including:

(a) any preparation undertaken by the member for a meeting of the Committee; and

(b) any other activity undertaken by the member relevant to the Committee's function.


Date and time: 9:24 PM on 2023-12-05
Senator Pocock's vote: No
Total number of "aye" votes: 10
Total number of "no" votes: 32
Total number of abstentions: 34
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