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FOR – Business — Consideration of Legislation

Sarah Hanson-Young

I move:

That, to allow time for National Cabinet to progress reforms to strengthen renters' rights as advised in the Prime Minister's press release of 28 April 2023, including reforms to limit rent increases, further consideration of the Housing Australia Future Fund Bill 2023 and two related bills be made an order of the day for 16 October 2023.

Don Farrell

I move the government amendment as circulated:

Omit "16 October 2023", substitute "the next day of sitting".

Can I just speak to that amendment?

Sue Lines

Is leave granted? Oh, I beg your pardon. He doesn't need leave; he's a government minister. Sorry, Senator Farrell—too much excitement this morning!

Don Farrell

Plenty of excitement. We saw that axis of evil where the Greens and the coalition are lining up to vote against $10 billion worth of housing, including crisis accommodation for groups like women and children and extra housing for veterans and, of course—so sadly, on the day when we've passed the legislation to allow a referendum on recognition and on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament—$200 million for repair and maintenance of remote and Indigenous communities.

Can I say that it is the view of the government that if the Senate proceeds with this application—and please listen to this, Senator Hanson-Young and Senator Ruston—and defers bills to October, the government will regard this as the Senate failing to pass the bills, and I'm sure you understand the consequences of that. So, if the Senate defers the bills to October, the government will regard this as the Senate failing to pass the bills. I urge you to support, therefore, my amendment.

Sue Lines

The question is that the amendment moved by Senator Farrell be agreed to.


Date and time: 12:02 PM on 2023-06-19
Senator Pocock's vote: Aye
Total number of "aye" votes: 23
Total number of "no" votes: 37
Total number of abstentions: 16

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