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Can you help me restore trust, integrity and leadership to Australian politics?
We're building a movement of people who want to do politics differently. But doing that good work isn't free. Your donation won’t buy you influence or access. But it will help give me the best chance at standing up for our community and being an independent voice for integrity and a better future for all of us.
To contribute by bank transfer, please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.


Donation information

  1. David Pocock does not accept any foreign donations regardless of it being below $100, see definition here. You warrant that you are not a foreign donor by selecting the relevant box. If we have any concerns about your eligibility, we may need to ask for proof of that status.

  2. There are no caps on political donations under Commonwealth electoral laws. If your donation is more than $14,500 (or exceeds $14,500 together with other smaller donations you have made in FY2021/2022) then your name and amount of the donation will need to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission. You will also need to lodge a donor disclosure after the election, which we will notify you about at the time. The form is simple and we can help as needed. Please see here for more donor disclosure information.

  3. If you have any donation queries please contact us at [email protected]


A message from David

Political campaigns require a huge amount of resources, even more for Independents who have no party machinery to support their candidacy.
But political donation laws in federal politics need an overhaul. Currently, there are very few rules and very poor transparency about who can donate and how much. It shouldn't be up to individual candidates to work out how to navigate the most ethical way to manage this.
This election, I made the choice not to accept donations from a range of companies and big businesses including those in fossil fuels, tobacco, junk food, property development and gambling. This meant I knocked back a number of large donations.
If I'm successful, I will be pushing for the best practice on political donations, informed by experts, to be implemented across the board. We need to make sure politicians are influenced by their constituents, not their donors and that's what I'll be dedicating myself to.