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FOR – Motion Regarding Proposed Amendment to Resolutions Relating to Senators’ Interests

Liberal Senator Alex Antic moved that the following proposed amendment to the resolutions relating to senators' interests be referred to the Standing Committee of Senators' Interests for inquiry and report:

Resolution 3  Registrable interests

After paragraph (m), insert:

(ma) any association or involvement with domestic or international political, activist or lobbying organisations, non-government organisations or other bodies, international societies, charitable foundations, not for profit organisations, or advocacy groups in the previous ten (10) years including but not limited to:

(i) employment by such bodies;

(ii) membership of such bodies;

(iii) office(s) held with such bodies;

(iv) participation in, or receiving of, training or other educational programs or material with or from such bodies; or

(v) prizes, awards or commendations sought or received from such bodies.

The motion was voted down with 32 in favour and 34 against.

Senator Pocock voted YES.