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FOR – Consideration of the Climate Change Bill 2022 and a related bill

Labor Senator Anthony Chisholm moved that:

(a) from 12.15 pm, consideration of the Climate Change Bill 2022 and the Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022 have precedence over all other business until determined; (b) if consideration of the bills has not concluded by 1.30 pm, the questions on all remaining stages be put without debate; (c) paragraph (b) operate as a limitation of debate under standing order 142; (d) divisions may take place between 1.30 pm and 2 pm, and after 4.30 pm, for the purposes of the bills only; and (e) following consideration of the bills, the Senate return to its routine of business. 

The question was voted up with 33 in favour and 31 against. 

Senator Pocock voted YES.