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Restoring integrity

What I’m hearing

People are deeply disillusioned and frustrated with the current state of politics.  They want decisions made that best serve the community on the basis of expert advice rather than short-term political expediency, and they want those decisions delivered with greater transparency and accountability.

As politicians, we need to do the job we’ve been elected to do by spending hard-earned taxpayers’ money in the community's best interests, not our own.

My commitment

People don't just want to see politics done differently; they want to see it done better. Delivering on both those counts is my promise.


We must repair our democracy. We’re facing a crisis of trust in politics and our political institutions, and with good reason. My mission is to help restore integrity in politics.


My policies

  • A federal anti-corruption watchdog with real power

Reflecting strong community sentiment on this issue, I have committed to pushing for the establishment of an independent federal commission against corruption in the first year of my term. This commission must have strong powers to expose lies, end corruption and hold politicians and political parties to account. I support the model and accompanying legislation proposed by the Independent Member for Indi Helen Haines, and will vote in favour of it or a comparable bill in the Senate.

  • Federal truth in political advertising laws

Three years of research by the Australia Institute showed that six in seven Australians want the Federal Parliament to pass laws safeguarding truth in political advertising – something I, too, have called for over a long period. I will work to ensure such legislation is enacted before Australians return to the polls at the end of my first term. I acknowledge that a strong framework exists in the legislation proposed by the Independent Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall, and commit to back this or a comparable bill in the Senate.

  • Political donation reform

I will continue to call out the lack of transparency in political donations and work to secure reforms on both transparency and reducing the timeframes in which donations must be declared, working to ensure decisions about our future are dictated by ordinary Australians, not by vested interests.

  • Restored funding and adequate resourcing for the Auditor-General and the Australian National Audit Office

I will fight for the government to restore funding to the Auditor-General and the Australian National Audit Office, ensuring they are adequately resourced to continue strong oversight of, and investigations into, how taxpayers’ money is spent.

  • Strengthening our APS and public institutions

I will work to rebuild the capacity of the APS and our public institutions to ensure public servants feel confident to provide frank and fearless advice without fear of retribution. Reversing the casualisation of the APS workforce and putting a stop to excessive outsourcing are two key priorities. I will also work to see funding restored to the ABC while fighting against political interference that undermines its independence. Australians rely on the national broadcaster, especially in times of emergency, and it plays an integral role in supporting a healthy democracy.