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Advance Australia signs underscore need for federal truth in political advertising laws

In a continuation of their blatant campaign to mislead voters, Advance Australia has erected deliberately misleading signs overnight portraying ACT Independent community-endorsed senate candidate David Pocock as a member of the Greens party.

David has condemned the group for actively seeking to undermine democracy. His campaign has lodged a complaint with the Australian Election Commission (AEC) and is exploring other options.

“This blatantly deceptive conduct is an attack on our democracy,” David said.

“I am running as an independent candidate standing up for our community. Clearly that is seen as a threat in some quarters.

“These posters from Advance Australia are a lie designed to deliberately mislead voters and they are undermining our democracy.

“Advance Australia’s actions that spread false and misleading information to voters underscores why it is so critical that we introduce federal truth in political advertising laws.

“Canberrans want integrity in politics and if elected that is exactly what I will work for as a priority.

“Advance Australia’s director Vicki Dunne is a former liberal MLA and close colleague of Senator Seselja.

“Senator Seselja has consistently voted against increasing political transparency and establishing an integrity commission. It’s no wonder when we have groups like Advance Australia doing his dirty work.”

Advance Australia has spent more than $24,000 in one week on Meta advertising. They also distributed misleading flyers to more than 200,000 households in Canberra estimated to cost around $40,000 while also employing mobile billboard trucks which cost upwards of $2,000 per day.

“I am focussed on building a positive campaign based on the ideas and policies developed in consultation with our community that will help deliver the future we want,” David says.

“Meanwhile Advance Australia is spending tens of thousands of dollars attacking our democracy by attempting to hoodwink Canberrans. It is a disgrace.”

David’s campaign has been flooded with calls and emails from members of the Canberra community confused and outraged by the signs.


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