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Doing politics differently

What I’m hearing

Across the ACT, people don’t just want to see politics done differently; they want to see it done better. People want to be heard, and for politicians to serve them with integrity and accountability.

My commitment

My mission is to make politics more open, accountable and community-driven. 


Community participation in politics improves the health of our democracy. If we are going to restore trust in our government and public institutions, we need more ways for everyday Australians to be engaged in the process of shaping our future. I am committed to ensuring people across the ACT have stronger representation in federal politics. Free of the need to toe a party line or represent vested interests, I will always listen closely and genuinely to the views of Canberrans on the issues they most care about.


My policies

  • Maintaining a transparent voting record here on my website so you know what I’m voting for and why.
  • Developing a community volunteer program where members of the community can participate in the day-to-day working of my office.
  • Hosting quarterly town halls where everyone in the ACT is welcome to ask questions, contribute ideas and keep me accountable.
  • Canvassing the ACT community about issues you want raised in the Senate each sitting fortnight.
  • Providing regular updates through my website and newsletter. Email updates to volunteers and supporters will always be publicly available.
  • Staying responsive to feedback and community-driven ideas for improving political engagement.


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