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I was elected on a platform to do politics differently with integrity and more transparency.

Australians clearly want more transparency and there are many areas where I am pushing the government for reforms.


One area is around requiring parliamentarians to disclose who they are sponsoring Parliament House access passes to. These passes provide almost all areas access and last time it was made public during Senate Estimates there were around 2000 passes handed out. I don't have a problem with these passes but believe there should be more transparency as people deserve to know who their elected representatives have granted access to - some are volunteers, others are lobbyists, business people, NGOs, union representatives, etc.

Requiring these to be disclosed is something I have been pursuing with the Presiding Officers.


Below is the list of people I have sponsored passes for:


Joel Dingnam Better Renting
Catriona Jackson Universities Australia
Kieran Pender Human Rights Law Centre
Wayne Smith Smart Energy Council
Professor Patrick Nixon University of Canberra
Professor Kim Rubenstein University of Canberra
David Palmerlee RESN