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ACT Independent Senator David Pocock has welcomed the release today of new fuel efficiency standards that will finally bring Australia into line with other developed countries, saving Australians money and reducing vehicle emissions.

Senator Pocock said Australia had a lot of catching up to do but this was a strong first step.

“For years Australia has languished at the back of the pack. The absence of fuel efficiency standards have made us the world’s dumping ground for the most fuel inefficient vehicles,” Senator Pocock said.

“Our lack of any standards has cost Australians at the bowser, and has damaged the climate due to high emissions.

“Finally, we have an opportunity to turn this around. Australians will save up to $1000 a year as a result of these changes, which will go a long way in the current cost-of-living crisis.

“I congratulate the government on taking strong action.

“I want to see these new standards implemented as soon as possible and call on the government to bring forward the slated commencement date of 1 January 2025 to 1 July 2024, with a six month test period during which penalties do not apply.

“Anything less ambitious than what is being proposed will increase the cost of transport and do further damage to our climate.

“There is scope for even more ambition in what the government has announced to ensure a quick catch up and get us on par with countries like the US earlier.

“This New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will give Australians more and better choices when it comes to the cars they buy. Paired with continued additional investment in EV charging infrastructure this will help reduce vehicle emissions.” 

A copy of Senator Pocock’s submission to the government’s consultation paper on fuel efficiency standards can be found here.

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