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Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Strengthening Protections Against Discrimination) Bill 2023

This Bill would prevent the discrimination against employees who have been, or continue to be subject to family and domestic violence.

What the Bill does

Under current arrangements in the Fair Work Act, an employee who is subjected to family and domestic violence is not necessarily protected from adverse actions by employers (such as a demotion) unless they are accessing family and domestic violence leave.

While there are some protections in some states and territories, there is currently no uniform national protection to prevent employers from discrimination against employees because they are the subject of family and domestic violence.

This Bill would create a new protection for employees and prospective employees in the anti-discrimination provisions of the Fair Work Act, by recognising subjection to family and domestic violence as a protected attribute.


To provide feedback on the Bill, please use the survey via this link.

Full copy of the Bill:

A full copy of the draft Bill can be found here.