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Territory rights time is now

Independent ACT Senator David Pocock is urging the Australian Government to prioritise consideration of the Restoring Territory Rights Bill 2022 when Parliament next resumes on 25 October 2022.

Senator Pocock said a coordinated new campaign opposing the restoration of territory rights kicked off on Sunday.

“The longer this bill is delayed, the more time there is for anti-territory rights campaigners to work at undermining its chance of success,” Senator Pocock said.

“Yesterday my office started receiving emails from a coordinated campaign trying to stop this legislation from passing the parliament.

“The Government expedited consideration of the bill in the House of Representatives but it is now stalled in the Senate.

“That’s not good enough, and easily fixed. The discrimination people in our two territories have faced for a quarter of a century needs to end.

“This is the best shot we have of giving the territories the same democratic rights to debate tough but important issues as people living in the states - we have to take it before it slips away.

“I’m confident we have the numbers in the senate to pass this bill currently but there's no doubt it’s tight and already a few senators have been persuaded to change their vote to oppose the bill.

“I will continue to urge the Government, and Senator Katy Gallagher as Manager of Government Business in the Senate, to allocate time to finish debate on Territory Rights and bring it to a vote when parliament returns.”

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