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Independent ACT Senator David Pocock has said he won’t support the Biosecurity Protection Levy Bills 2024 in their current form, citing significant concerns about the equity, implementation, and transparency of the proposed levies.

While Senator Pocock strongly supports enhanced funding for Australia’s biosecurity systems, he believes that the current proposal is not the most effective way to address the real need for increased biosecurity and fails to distribute the financial burden fairly across industries.

“I stand firm on the need for increased funding to protect our borders from biosecurity threats. But it is crucial that we achieve this in a way that is fair, transparent, and effective,” Senator Pocock said.

“The Biosecurity Protection Levy bills as drafted do not meet this standard and I cannot support them in their present form.

“I welcome the opportunity to work with the government and colleagues from across the Parliament to develop a better way to address the critical funding needs of our biosecurity system.”

Senator Pocock remains committed to advocating for robust, fair, and sustainable funding mechanisms to support Australia's biosecurity infrastructure and protect our agricultural and environmental health.

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