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Campaign Update: Volunteers & Host a Yard Sign

As a kid my mom often told my brothers and I not to take ourselves too seriously.
Being able to laugh at yourself was important in our family
- a quick check to ensure that you weren’t too badly injured and then it was time to laugh.
On that note…
















After playing in the ‘Canberra Pride Cup’ - Australia vs England (England team made up of the British High Commissioner to Australia and her staff) - on Sunday I was sent a version of this photo comparison by two different mates with a text saying I may want to work on my bowling action :)
Playing wicket keeper as a kid, bowling was never my strong point. However, this ball did actually make it to the batter.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether my form or this former PM’s was worse - at least both were for a good cause!


Our volunteer numbers are growing (a big thank you to all who have got involved!) and we are building momentum. If you are receiving this but haven't signed up yet and would like to, please click here. We've got a range of activities and events coming up so please do get in touch if you'd like to be part of the team.

Merch & Host a Yard Sign

We now have merch available in our online store. Corduroy caps have already sold out (we’ve ordered some more) so get in quick.

If you would like to host a yard sign, please leave your details here and we’ll be in touch. This is a great way to show your support for the campaign and desire to see politics done differently - we don’t have the big party machinery but we do have people! Our plan is to get them up all over the ACT so please get in touch if you're happy to host one. We're about to place another order so we will be able to get them out to you. 


Celebrating Canberra Day at the beginning of this week was a great time to talk about Territory Rights. Since the ACT achieved self-governance in the late 1980s, Canberrans have had fewer rights to make decisions about our own lives and futures than people in any of the six states.

The Commonwealth has absolute power over the Territory, meaning it can overrule laws passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly; that needs to change. We should have the same rights as the states to determine our own future.

There is no reason for this to continue. But in 2018 and again in 2021, Senator Seselja argued against legislation that would have begun to restore Territory rights.


To read more:
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I also had a good chat to 2CC about this on Monday.

A couple of pictures from the cricket and Canberra day.

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