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Campaign Update: Running for the Senate in 2022

Today I announced I'm standing as a candidate for the Senate in the 2022 Australian federal election.



Hi there,

I’ve had a lot of encouragement over the years to get involved in politics but it wasn’t something I thought I would have a go at. But that has obviously changed. Feeling frustrated with our ‘leaders’, lots of encouragement to get involved, a week at COP26, a bird in distress, a chat with my brother - but that’s all for a future newsletter.

First, I wanted to be up front about this newsletter. You’re getting this because you’ve either signed up through my website or bought a jersey or book and in doing so, supported a great cause. I’m really grateful for your support over the years.

Thinking about life after rugby I have been really motivated to find a path that allows me to make the biggest impact I can on what I think are the most pressing issues we face - the climate and biodiversity crises and our shared future together.

If you are keen to see politics done differently and are a registered voter in Australia you can join my party to help me get my name ‘above the line’ on the Senate ticket.

I'm up for that!

I understand that most of you signed up for this while I was a rugby player and maybe don’t want regular politics in your inbox. But maybe you would? I’m really hoping to scrap ‘politics as usual’ and do things differently. I want to be working on issues that are important to all of us.

So if you would like to see what I get up to, then please sign up for updates here:

If you don’t sign up for updates above I won’t hassle you with politics stuff, but I may be in touch if I send something out that’s more to do with strength and fitness, nutrition or rugby.

Thanks again for your support.



And while I’ve got you, if you’re looking for a Christmas present or just want a great coffee table book with beautiful photos and the story of what has got me to this point and shaped my thinking - successes and failures in rugby, working with communities and conservation, inspiring people I have learned from - then please check out In Our Nature.

There are less than 100 copies left - all of them signed and ready to be posted to you.

And all profits go to conservation projects.

Apologies: Due to issues with postage during Covid and the cost of posting a 2kg book we aren’t posting outside of Australia, but there is an Ebook version available here.

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