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Campaign Update: AEC Update

The Australian Electoral Commission has confirmed our official above the line party registration, further elevating our bid for an ACT Senate seat in the upcoming Federal election. A huge thank you to everyone who signed up to make this happen!

I have also announced how I will continue to engage with, and listen to, the community should I become a Senator for the ACT:

  • a Community Volunteer program, where members of the community who want to be involved can participate in the day-to-day working of my office
    consult with the community on major pieces of legislation;

  • maintaining a transparent voting record so you know what I'm voting on and why

  • hosting quarterly Town Halls for the people of Canberra, welcoming questions and inviting the community to contribute their ideas; and

  • canvass the ACT community about issues raised in the Senate each sitting fortnight,

  • regular updates through my website and newsletter. Email updates to volunteers and supporters will continue to be publicly available, as they have been throughout my campaign.

We are building momentum and have a real opportunity to change politics for the better here in Canberra, and with the balance of power up for grabs in the senate, potentially for Australia. There was yet another report today about government spending in marginal electorates. People want more integrity in politics and that's why I have placed it front and centre on my policy platform.

We had a big weekend around Canberra thanks to our incredible volunteers. If you haven't signed up to volunteer yet you can do so here. We're putting together a great team and have a range of things people can do to help us build this movement of people who want to see politics done better.

I'll be in touch with upcoming events and announcements this week.


Authorised by David Pocock, 24 Tralee Street, Hume, 2620

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