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Federal inquiry into calvary

The Australian Greens and the Coalition today voted to refer Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan’s private Senator’s bill that seeks to amend the ACT Self-Government (Consequential Provisions) Act 1988 to a senate committee for inquiry.

ACT Independent Senator David Pocock acknowledged concerns expressed by some in the community relating to the compulsory acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital.

While supporting an inquiry at the ACT Territory Government level, Senator Pocock said referral of the bill effectively sets up a federal senate inquiry by stealth. 

“The ACT Legislative Assembly’s Health and Community Standing Committee on Health and Community Wellbeing was in the process of considering my request to the ACT Government to hold an inquiry into this matter.

“Today we saw interstate federal senate colleagues from the Coalition and the Greens team up to interfere in an ACT Government issue,” Senator Pocock said.

“After a 25-year battle to restore our territory rights I am concerned about the precedent this sets.

“We will now have a federal inquiry that is potentially highly politicised rather than a genuine attempt to properly examine the process leading up to this decision, and importantly, looking forward to how we better meet the health services and workforce needs of all Canberrans and people in the Canberra region.”


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