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It's official

At 10am this morning, the AEC hit the button on their ‘EasyCount’ computer program and it spat out the result we have all been waiting for confirming that Team Pocock officially made history, electing the ACT’s first ever Independent Senator.

Your efforts saw us achieve a total first preference of 21.2%, a truly remarkable result.

I know I have said this many times now, and I am going to keep saying it – thank you. We could not have done this without your support.

Together, we now have an extraordinarily exciting opportunity to deliver lasting benefit to our community.

Whether that’s making sure territory rights are restored and we FINALLY have the right to debate critical issues like voluntary assisted dying. I have already been in talks with key stakeholders to progress this as a top priority. Our days as second class citizens have to come to an end.

Infrastructure, our fair share of federal funding, an integrity commission with real power, meaningful action on climate that protects our future while also ensuring  households are saving money on skyrocketing power bills – it’s time to get on with the work of delivering what our community has said it wants.

Our first Town Hall

Delivering on my commitment during the campaign, I announced details today of our first town hall meeting to be held Wednesday 20 July at Albert Hall (register here). Future town halls will be held in Tuggeranong (August), Gungahlin (November) and Belconnen (February 2023). These forums provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, contribute ideas and to keep me accountable.

Building community engagement 

I am excited to continue to build community engagement that brings the voices, views and values of the ACT community to the front and centre of politics. For those in Team Pocock who want to stay engaged, there will be  lots of opportunities to keep contributing to the amazing work you began during the campaign. Whether that’s volunteering in the office, helping out on policy, or keeping up with our letterboxing and doorknocking , there will be lots of chances to stay connected and continue supporting the community we love. 

What happens next?

Tomorrow morning at 10 am there will be an official ceremony with the AEC to ‘declare’ the results at  Hub Civic Quarter, 68 Northbourne Ave, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia. Successful candidates (Senator Gallagher and I) will have the opportunity to speak.This event is open to media and the public.

Following that we will be hard at work bedding down the Senate and Electorate Offices and staff, while continuing our ongoing consultation and stakeholder engagement.

There will be a swearing in on 26 July 2022 when parliament resumes and I’ll have the opportunity to deliver my maiden speech sometime after that. We will keep you posted with details (including office locations, contact details etc) as they become available.

In conclusion…

For now can I just say what an immense privilege this is. 

Only a few thousand people have served in our parliament since federation, and now, thanks to you, I will be one of them. I take that responsibility, the responsibility to represent you and all of Canberra, so seriously. 

Today we made history. Tomorrow we continue the work to build a better future for all of us. 


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