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On the homestretch

We are headed into the homestretch now and the energy behind this movement we’re building just keeps getting bigger.

Early voting is underway with thousands of Canberrans already casting their vote. 

I can’t thank our amazing volunteer team enough for the awesome work you’re doing on the pre-poll booths. Handing out how-to-votes with a warm smile in often less than hospitable weather makes a huge difference.

It’s one week until election day and I have one last ask to make from a team that has already given me such incredible support and that’s to please sign up for a shift on the big day.

Nearly a quarter of voters decide who to vote for on election day. That’s why volunteering at a polling booth next Saturday 21 May is one of the most impactful things you can do. 

Yes I can lend a hand on election day

Getting our fair share

On Monday, we exposed the extraordinarily raw deal we’ve been getting from the Federal Government over the past five years. 

We ran the numbers and anyway you look at it, Canberrans have been comprehensively duded, receiving on average $1000 less per person on infrastructure funding than people living in other states.

You can read more of the analysis here

Creating the future we want

This campaign has been all about community – getting out there and listening to what we need and expect from our representatives. 

Building the future we want to see.

For us here in the ACT, a big part of that is finally getting the right to debate and decide really important issues for ourselves, issues like voluntary assisted dying. 

This is about democracy and choice.

On Tuesday I met with Samuel and Sam – two extraordinarily brave Canberrans wanting to tell their stories. They’re among the many, many people I have spoken to over the past few months who want to see Territory rights restored. I’ve committed to introducing a private Senator’s bill to do just that as one of my first acts if elected.

Giving back and going electric

On Tuesday I was delighted to speak at the Welcoming Australia Symposium 2022 and support their important work promoting inclusiveness and community.

Later that night, more than 200 Canberrans joined Saul Griffith, Alex Sloan and I to talk about the huge economic opportunities from the smart energy transition.

And on Wednesday I got to combine both those themes – giving back to Lifeline Canberra, who do so much for our community – and demonstrating the savings from an electric future.

Bringing together a team of local suppliers and working in partnership with EPC Solar and the Smart Energy Council, we were able to upgrade Lifeline Canberra’s Mitchell warehouse cutting thousands from their energy bill year on year. That money can then be spent answering lifesaving calls in pursuit of their core mission to achieve an Australia free of suicide.

I could not think of a better way to use some of my campaign funds, paying forward the generosity our community has shown.

I also attended my ninth candidates’ forum, kindly hosted by Gunghalin Community Council and met with a range of people and organisations.

I heard from some local teachers to learn more about some of the challenges they are facing after a particular tough few years. Universities Australia briefed me on their priorities in higher education, I heard from GPs, community sports and members of our local business community.

This is the kind of continuous consultation I will keep up if I have the honour of representing us in the Senate.

Weekend ahead

We’ve got another busy weekend ahead with a big day at pre-polls today, two final big Door Knocks (Saturday in Wanniassa and Sunday in Fadden) as well as events with our multicultural community.

A chance to celebrate and say thanks

Finally, I’d like to invite you to a very special event, the Team Pocock Election night party.

This will be a chance to come together, celebrate our hard work and say thank you for everything you have done, for our campaign and our community.

Whatever the final result, this will be a brilliant night and you can secure your spot here

Have a great weekend and let’s give this final week our everything!


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