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Putting the ACT first this election

The Prime Minister has finally called the election, giving us 41 days to make history!

The Prime Minister has (finally!) called the election which will be held on Saturday 21 May 2022 and so the official campaign kicks off today.

That means, together, we now have 41 days left to make history.

With your help I want to put the ACT first at the next election. You can read all about how I plan to do that here.

I want to make sure we start getting our fair share of federal funding, whether that’s on health, infrastructure or education.

I want to make sure businesses and households are reaping the benefits from the smart energy transition and that we’re safeguarding the future of the people and places we love.

This is our chance to stop being seen as a “safe” seat and to stop missing out on the things that matter.

That applies across the board from the right to debate the big issues and make our own laws such as on voluntary assisted dying to the things that impact our everyday lives, like access to affordable housing or reliable and fast internet connections.

Time and again Canberra is either ignored or outright ridiculed. We are so much more than just ‘the bubble’ and we need leaders with vision turning challenges into opportunities.

As an independent, the only ones I am there to represent are you, the people who elect me. 

I will stand up for our community and hold whoever wins government to account. I will fight to restore integrity.

Politics is about dealing with the issues we face today in a way that creates a better tomorrow.

And it's never been more important.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my campaign so far. There are so many ways both big and small that you can get and you can find out more about all of them here

Now the race is officially on I’d ask you to think about how you can help us realise the opportunity this election to make Canberra count again.


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