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Who would David support in the event of a hung parliament?


As a Senator, David won’t get a say on who forms government, that is decided in the House of Representatives not the Senate.

In the event of a hung parliament, it will be the members elected to the crossbench (independents and/or minor parties) in the House of Representatives who decide which of the major parties gets enough support to form government.

Forming government by winning enough support in the House of Representatives does not guarantee that the same party will control the Senate. 

Since 2007, the balance of power in the Senate has been held by minor parties and independents and that is likely to continue after the election meaning David could be a key decision maker on whether legislation is passed, amended or rejected in the Senate. 

As the Senate seats in the ACT have always been held by the major parties, when it comes to the crunch decisions that decide the future of Australia there has never been a voice from Canberra in the crucial final negotiations.

Whether it's a minority or majority government, David will consider each bill on its merits, guided by his stated policies developed with the community rather than guarantee his vote to a particular party every time.

David is committed to looking at every piece of policy and making a decision based on how it will affect the ACT and the future of Australia.